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-I've finished "Wolf Hall" by Hillary Mantel and "The White Queen" by Phillipa Gregory. "The White Queen" was an enjoyable book (although not as awsome as Wolf Hall)

-My 3 weeks of vacation are done and over and I'm back to work.

-My springtime allergies are killing me, so I haven't been able to breathe properly for the last 2 weeks. Thank gods this only happens once a year.

- I am now midway through "The Dead Zone" by Stephen King. This is classic King. A winding story with interesting characters and subplots that will surely be tied up nicely in the end. Not so much a horror story but a story about what happens when you wake up 5 yrs after an accident (with a psychic ability no less) and have to adjust to all the changes that happened while you were sleeping (society, technology, politics, family, friends, etc). I'm also glad John Smith is way less whiney that what I was expecting him to be.

- The search for a new house keeps on going. Right now there's another house for us to go see in one of the areas I was really interested to move into and another house pending a confirmation if its already rented or not. Lets see if it will go well this time around because I'm starting to get sick of browsing for houses.

- I went to a nutritionist last weekend so I could finally start with a healthy food and exercise plan, to see if I can loose those 10 pounds that have been pestering me.

- My best friend - or at least my oldest friend - who started working with me recently, is now starting to date a colleague of ours. She has been single for a while and has been dating a lot since then, which won her a lot of learning experiences with jackasses and douches. Thing is, that girl doesn't know how to deal with being alone. She needs someone to be there, to give her attention, to make her feel loved and she tends to date almost anyone that is nice to her and asks her out, even if she doesn't know them much or at all. This approach to finding her next BIG love has failed time and time and time again and yet she is not discouraged.
So, today right in the morning she comes in and says very excited "He asked me out!! We're going on a date later today!". My reply? "Oh, ok."
Then she gets sad because I was not giddy with excitement over this particular bit of news. But c'mon. Should I be? Really? Off course, I ended up feeling bad about it and told her I just didn't want to talk much about it because we were in the office and I knew she wouldn't want the news to get out and have everyone talking about it. She is new in this place and so some discretion is advised. I told her we would talk about it over lunch.
But am I happy about this? Well, it could be worse. The guy she is going out with seems a good choice from all the womanizing dudes that roam this office but still I think she is too rash and that she is new here and that she should be worried about what this will do to her professional image if this gets out. Guys here aren't exactly very respectful of women in general.
But maybe this one will be different right?

Over and out.


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