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As I've might have mentioned I love books and lately I've been reading "Wolf Hall" by Hilary Mantel. This book follows part of the life of Thomas Cromwell in the court of Henry VIII and although I am a lover of historical fiction, I wasn't expecting to like this one so much. In my opinion it's the writing style that does it. It's fresh and unique, taking a very different approach to a first person pov and even though it demands some concentration from the reader it has superb passages troughout the book. Hey, it's no wonder it won the Booker Prize in 2009, right?

Here's a passage where we can find one of the many of Cromwell's musings:

"Suppose within every book there is another book, and whitin every letter on every page another volume constantly unfolding; but these volumes take no space on the desk. Suppose knowledge could be reduced to a quintessence, held within a picture, a sign held within a place which is no place. Suppose the human skull were to become capacious, spaces opening inside it, humming chamber like beehives."

and on the next page this idea, this image of a woman's plight to give birth:

"When a woman withdraws to give birth the sun may be shinning but the shutters of her room are closed so she can make her own weather. She is kept in the dark so she can dream. Her dreams drift her far away, from terra firma,to a marshy tract of land, to a landing stage, to a river where a mist closes over the further bank, and earth and sky are inseparate; there she must embark towards life and death, a muffled figure in the stern directing the oars. In this vessel prayers are said that men never hear. Bargains are struck between a woman and her God. The river is tidal, and between one feather-stroke and the next, her tide may turn".

And with this book Mantel has totally won me over. I will have to read her other books. There is no escape.


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