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calamityjane ([personal profile] calamityjane) wrote2011-04-09 12:16 pm
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First day in a new corner of the web


My name is Jane (not really) and I'm an old addict of online journals. However, some time ago I left LJ (my oldest and most updated journal) and wandered into the big wide world of blogs and community websites dedicated to the things I love - which is to say genre books, anime, tv series and movies. and (of the Gawker media) are 2 of my favorite places for daily news, but mostly I just read about books, being addicted to my goodreads account and following several review and news blogs that provide my daily fix.

And that is how I found out about DW:I somehow found myself stumbling into DW trough a link in one of my daily blog reads. Since my LJ account doesn't appeal to me anymore I though this would be a good place to start anew. A place to put my thoughts and share my feelings about the things I love. Somehow blogging never did work as good as an online journal for me. I don't know why. Maybe it's the lack of that community feeling that online journals provide by the tons. Maybe I just like to have some company.

Here's to a long and friendly run.

Oh, and btw, English is not my first language, so please bear with me.